The internet is a vast untamed landscape, and it probably always will be. The upside is that anyone can create music and make it accessible to the online world. But the downside is that anyone can create music and make it accessible to the online world. In other words, garbage and gold can be (and often are) presented side by side. Clearly, no one has time to listen to everything…so how do you know where to find good stuff?

Our goal at The Free Music Group is not to claim any kind of exclusivity on quality music. Rather, we’ve picked a few rather narrow musical genres and done what we can to bring together some great musical resources within those target genres. Even within those genres, there’s plenty of good stuff out there that we don’t have here… but we invest a lot of time and energy to make sure that the stuff you do find on our sites is of high quality.

So we invite you to visit our various sites and download to your heart’s content. Listen and enjoy for free. Share the stuff you especially like with your friends. And please support the artists whose music you like the best. Indie artists generally make music for the love of the music itself, not primarily for money. But it’s also hard for them to justify continuing to make music long-term if there’s absolutely no financial justification for it. So…buy a CD. Or purchase a track download or two. Catch them in concert (or sponsor a concert in your area). But, if you want quality music to continue to be available, you’ve got to take a serious look at how you can support it.

The music on our sites is offered for free distribution by the various artists who created it in promotion of their recorded products. You are allowed to listen as often as you like, to burn personal CDs, to add it to your MP3 playlist and to share it with your friends. What you are not allowed to do is to use this music in any for-profit venture. Permission for such uses must be obtained directly from the artists themselves. You can contact them or their representatives thru their individual web sites. All rights to this music are retained by the artists themselves. It is used on our network of sites only by permission, and only for purposes of personal listening and enjoyment.

We thank you for your time and attention. And we hope you enjoy what you find!

To contact us, including regarding advertising opportunities on this site, please use the form on the Contact page.


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