Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

There’s really nothing quite like great instrumental music played on acoustic guitar, as millions of fans worldwide will attest. For many, it started with Mason Williams’ huge radio hit, “Classical Gas“, way back in 1968. Today, the popularity of this kind of music continues because of superb artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Leo Kottke, Doyle Dykes, Phil Keaggy, Alex DeGrassi and the late Michael Hedges.

The Future Is Bright

In recent years, prices for acoustic guitars have dropped significantly. Now, almost anyone can afford a decent guitar and guitar lessons. This bodes very well for the long-term popularity of the instrument and its music. Guitar is one of the few instruments that functions just as well as a standalone instrument as it does in combination with others.

Why This Site?

There are plenty of web sites offering MP3 music. Most of them, sadly, involve illegitimate distribution of copyrighted material. The good news is that there are also a bunch of great new free and legal music sites out there. However, there are certain genres that seem to get short shrift. Our feeling is that instrumental acoustic guitar music falls into that category. So, as we’ve done with several other genres, we’ve created a single place where you can come to find quite a bit of the kind of music you love. Some of our artists are well-established, while others are talented, but still somewhat “under the radar” as far as the public consciousness. A site like this is a great opportunity for them to get their music into your hands.

Vive Le Difference!

There’s one other thing that sets our site apart…and it’s important to say this somewhat delicately. The internet has been referred to as “the great democratizer”…because pretty much anyone can have a web site now. And this is a great thing. The problem is…a great web site is not necessarily an indicator of significant musical talent. We want this site to be of value to you. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to exercise some judgment regarding the quality and value of the material made available to us. We believe that this makes a significant difference in the caliber of music you’ll find here. We hope you see the difference and that you find it valuable in your ongoing search for great new music.

Support The Artists

Please keep this in mind: Quality music is not created for free (well, almost no music is created for free…but quality music actually gives you something when you bite into it…unlike the “cotton candy” of most of today’s popular radio fare). It takes time to practice and to write. And it takes money to create recorded product. So…support these folks! Buy an album. Make an effort to see them in concert. Heck…sponsor a concert in your area! This is how great music gains an audience. Thanks for your interest. Enjoy your time here!


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