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“I wish to thank you all for the wonderful music you’re sharing with us. They’re not only soul-stirring but classic. I wish to thank the Artists for they composed some of the unique master-pieces. Its first of all too hard to find such solos. As music cannot be fathomed by any amount money or praises(words). I wish offer my sincere pray as ask for all the blessing from Almighty for the wonderful you people are doing. Thanks a lot…”
– Steve

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You know how hard it is to find “good acoustic” guitar music on the web and in the stores. I truely appreciate what you have done here. I’ve discovered artists that I never heard of before. Your site is simple and to the point, easy to read and understand.”
– Robin

“nice site! found you guys thanks to a link at’s “Cool Broadband” forum. Keep up the good work.. How ’bout offering some “.ogg” files, too.” 🙂

“Very Cool Site. Thanks and I look forward to broadening my horizons (bass player myself but I love this sound!).”
– Chris

Last night i was searching for some free instrumental music, as i cant afford to buy. Is when i got your site I downloaded a few of your instrumental tracks i just loved them although i like violin and saxophone but the piano track from Nat kerr (MorningHasBroken) and guitar from Bill Furner (When Johny Comes Marching ) were very nice i definitely will recommend these to all my friends who like this kind of music. Thank You.
:: Abhi (India)

Thanks for this website. When ever i get lost in myself I turn up to my PC and say let play some inspiring, silent , heart touching etc. music So that ill regain myself and become more energetic.
:: Vasanth

“i bookmarked ur site. Nice, it was entertained me 🙂
i love ur music. Thanx <3”

“thank you for some wonderful moments with wonderful music”
– Mathias (Germany)

“I just want to thanks a lot for such amazing music. I found your site by luck. And I will visit again. Thank again for making such a useful service.”
– Firat (Turkey)

“I have to say I have instantly become a huge fan of this site. I think it is such a thorough and dedicated tribute to a genre of music that appears to be dying out in today’s world yet still undeniably touches so many people.”
– Natasha

“I’ve always had a special connection to solo piano music, but never really knew where to start. As a 17-year-old I often had trouble finding piano music to listen to, as nobody in my circle knew anything about it, either. It’s just perfect that you have compiled this collection of my favorite music, all for free. I’m so happy with your site!”

“I am a man of few words and all i can say is this site and music is GREAT. Thanks You Very Much.”
– John

“I adore your music. As a teenager most would think that i hates classical music, but i play the piano and i adore this site! The music is beautiful, calming and inspiring. Unlike a lot of classical music it is not overpowering and unoriginal. The pianists are so expressive with their playing. Its also FREE! thank you.”
– Ali

“Thanks!! The piece “Bridge of Time” by Ng Aik Pjn was excellent!! Keep up the good work!”
– Rajesh (India)

“Your music is beautifull. Thank’s for allowing me to download – and above all that it is free. Is there something I can do in return?”
– Rosa

“I teach emotionally disturbed and behaviorally disordered high schoolers. The power of your music as well as the CD I downloaded from Healing Piano has an almost magical effect on my students. I’ve bought countless classical CD’s, but I can put on one of these when I sense their tension rising and a peace comes over them, anger dissipates and the most hyperactive and attention deficit of them all are just…calm. I thank you.”
– Jamie

“Simply put, this is a great website. I bookmarked it so I don’t have to download them all. Thanks for the tunes.”
– Dave

“For the last two hours I have sat listening to the music on your website. Refreshing, inspiring, melancholy, uplifting… hard to find descriptive words that encompass what the music brought me. Suffice to say, I want others to enjoy this site. I have linked to your site and hope that it brings others the same pleasure I have experienced. Thanks for a great site.”
– David

“A uniquely unadulterated, sincere site that embodies the true meaning of music. I happens by chance upon and listened with my 5 & 6 yr old children. They sat silently for almost an hour lost in their own imaginations inspired by the beautiful pieces. Thank you. We will most certainly be supporting the artists as their creations support our inner liberation.”
– Ceri (Wales)

“i love your music <3 please keep updating!”
– Ariel

“I just want to say I loved every song on this website. That including the artists! Since I I first start to learn piano this year I hope one day to be able to play like these artists. I wish you all a bright musical future! Thank u for the free music!”
– Joy

“hi.. i love piano alot.. and i play piano sence i was 3 years.. i would like to learn more from your notes. couse i love solo piano .. piano is my dearest friend, thx alot for the music u play its owsome..”
– Huda

“All I have to say is: THANK YOU”
– Dozie

“Hello, i absoultely fell in love with the song fairy dust by Jennifer Haines. How could i go about ordering the sheet music for it? the tune is beautiful and in a way, haunting, it reminds me of childhood and fantasy, i love it!!”
– Andrea

“There are some really beautiful pieces here. It’s amazing…I just sit and listen in awe…I was wondering if you also sold the sheet music, as well? I’m specifically looking for Greg Maroney’s pieces. Thanks :)”
– Leni

“so much beautiful, healing music on this site….its really wonderful. thanks so much for sharing this with the world. ^_^ i appreciate it!”
– Chunsa

“hey, I’m a girl from belgium and I just want to say that i really enjoy the music!!! keep up the good work!!”
– Greet

“I really love this site. I do have a question though. Is there any way that I could find the music somewhere on the internet in sheet form? I play the piano and would love to learn these songs.”
– Casandra

“I want to thank you for the lovely piano music, i can hear whil i am on my computer, not many people let you have music for free, GOD BLESS”
– Joan

“An absolutely beautiful site … with such awesome talent! I came here to find a song for my personal wedding video, and now am having a hard time deciding on which song!! Big hugz and thanks to all of you for the beautiful music!! HUGz!”
– Julee

“I happened upon your site quite by accident, Doing a music search. To my WONDERFUL surprise I landed here at I listen to all varieties of music.. I had forgotten how Beautiful piano’s are. The artist’s showcased on this site are truly awesome. I liked it so much I have sent people to the site and downloaded every song! Please Keep doing what you are doing. Something in the music here touched a spot in my heart that I thought was dead. Maybe it can touch someone else’s heart too.”
– Kim

“Just wanted you to know, the site was great for me. I had the chance to just sit back and listen to the extremely talented artists playing. I thank all that have anything to do with this site. Thanks.”
– Dee

“Hello… I’m pregnant, nearly 7 months. I discovered your very nice site a few month ago, I was pregnant of 2 or 3 months. I used to listen to it when I was not sleeping, what happened often ! Better now. But this morning, I downloaded a few of musics for the birth, the last moments I’ll wait for my child. I hope it will help me to do it, to give him, her, life… I plan to take these with me to the hospital. Thanks for this, thanks to all. A baby will start life with piano music…!”
A few time ago, I wrote you a mail explaining that I discovered your site an appreciated it during my non-sleeping night, when I was pregnant. Piano helped me to spend time during these nights and I also planned to haved it during the last hours before the birth of our baby… Here he is… Quentin, arrived the 15th of January. A very nice boy that heard these piano songs just before to arrive, when we were waiting for him the last moments, the last hours, his father and myselft, but also in the hospital room where we spent 4 or 5 days, this little child and me… I used to put the music again, to personalize this room but also to let him be quiet when he cried (not so often). It is very magic… It helps him and usually he is folling in sleep, listening to the music… Really, this music was wonderfull for me, for us and will remain a long, very long time in our remembering!
– Axelle & Family (France)

“a gem for the soul!”
– Everyday Warriors

“thank you so much for putting up free songs to listen to and download! i have a passion for piano remaining unquenched…and i love to listen to as much as i can. you are helping other people develope a love for it. keep up the good work.”
– Misha Gross

“Thank you very much for putting this site together and keeping it up-to-date! As a pianist myself, I love to listen to other solo piano works, and to find a site which offers free, LEGAL, high quality mp3s is brilliant! Thank you again!”
– Mark Crossley

“I love the few songs I’ve listened to so far. I play piano music in my preschool special education class throughout the day.”
– Lori Weaver

“…Ok something a little more down to earth (but still fairly non sequitur). I found this website on the net recently, Why do I find this site interesting enough to mention here? Well, first of all, they offer free download of full high quality mp3s (legally). Secondly, it’s a site that encourages and supports independant artists (which I can definately relate to). Finally, some of the pieces featured on that site have inspired some ideas for Radical Dreamers. Ok, I’m going to go in to a real rant now, so hold on to your keyboards. For me Inspiration is more valuable to me than the purist platinum or clearest diamond. It’s like a drug to me (yes, I do get high off of it, and I’m constantly looking for my next hit). So, for people who are able to provide me with inspiration, I can’t thank them enough (unless you try to take advantage of it, in which case you are pure evil… *cough*RobertJordan*cough*). So, go check out the site and support them if you like what you find.”
– Joe Lee

“Appreciate the website very much.”
– John (who also pointed out a bad link, now fixed. Thanks John!)