Free MP3 Downloads From Top Indie Artists!

Welcome to The Free Music Group. Our site is filled with remarkable music! By that, we mean that we listen through a *lot* of the music available from top indie artists, and then we share what we liked and thought was particularly worth directing to your attention. Not only is it great music, but we’re sharing it for free! If you like it, too…please take a moment and share it with your friends. We have four categories of music to choose from: acoustic guitar instrumentals, great indie pop/rock, solo piano musicand a variety of other terrific instrumentals. En-Joy! 😉

Cruisin’ Toward Summer With 6 Great New Free MP3 Downloads

Things are warming up here in the US, and so is the great music! We’ve got some real special music available for free download that we suspect you’ll really appreciate!

Warren Sellers is a gifted writer. The author of The Journey Of A Song – 60s & 70s, which focuses on the stories behind great songs of that era…he brings the same passion to his own songwriting. His new album, West Coast Southern Boy, features great melodic hooks and rich lyrical imagery. He’s sharing 3 songs with us: Unclaimed Heart, Audacity To Dream and Hey Alice (Lose The Clowns). You’ll find Warren’s music under Indie Artists: S

Missine+Tripstoic do not define themselves as a band but more like a musical *collective*, based in France. Their new album, Missine+Tripstoic and 2 Ghosts From The Orchestra, features 12 tracks…a colorful and rich creation, which they refer to as “tripoprock” (trip-hop, pop and rock), drawing on a wide array of musical influences. We think you’ll really appreciate the musicality and groove of the 3 tracks they are sharing here: All Is One, Old Creation and Good Trip. And, as a special treat, you can download their entire album for a donation, or even free! You’ll find the collective’s music under Indie Artists: M-N

That’s all for this time. En-Joy! 😉

Welcome In The Spring With 6 New Songs

In our latest update, we’re bringing you six songs from two different artists hailing from Central Ohio.

First up is Chuck Brown. With two new albums in release since the first of the year, he’s brought us 4 songs to share. From his love song album A Flower In Winter, check out Isn’t That Somethin’ and Misty Dreams. And from his Christian release Paint My Life, give a listen to Your Good Pleasure and Stronger Hand. You’ll find these songs from Chuck under Indie Artists: A-C

And, say hi to pianist Michael David Young, with two offerings. From his Wedding Music album, he’s sharing Isabel. And from Piano Music Extended Vol, check out 2 (Two). You’ll find Michael’s pieces on Solo Piano Artists: T-Z

En-joy! 😉