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Welcome to The Free Music Group. Our site is filled with remarkable music! By that, we mean that we listen through a *lot* of the music currently available from top indie artists, and share what we liked and thought was particularly worth directing to your attention. Not only is it great music, but we’re sharing it for free! If you like it, too…please take a moment and share it with your friends. Browse the music categories above to get started. En-Joy! 😉

New Solo Piano, Guitar Music & Love Songs Posted

Great tunes for you this time, plus a brand new site for all our music!

Louis Landon has appeared on our site previously, but is back with 4 brand new solo piano pieces this time! He’s sharing 3 songs from his album Sedona On My Mind: including the title cut, plus Beautiful Day and Is This Good-bye? And Twilight, from his album Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart. Listen now on Solo Piano Artists: I-L

Chuck Brown has appeared on the site previously as well…but in an entirely different genre (solo piano). This time he’s back in our Indie Artist category with 3 love songs from his new album A Flower In Winter: the title cut, Isn’t That Somethin’? and Nothing Rhymes With Love. Listen on on Indie Artists A-C.

Sassano and Monaco is a musically refreshing combination of two instruments dancing, singing and laughing together. Drawing from a wide variety of musical styles this duo has created a delightfully open sound well worth your time. No monkey business here, these guys know how to play…and yet their album is called Gorilla Acoustic, and they’re sharing two songs with us: Ahanu and Hello Again. Listen now on Acoustic Guitar Artists: N-Z.

As you may have noticed, things have changed in a big way around here. We’ve closed down FreeSoloPiano.com, FreeSoloGuitar.com, GreatInstrumentalDownloads.com and GreatSongsFree.com…and moved all that great music over to this single site. We’ve also changed the mechanism for listening and downloading the music on the site (though, don’t worry…it’s still all free!). It’s been a lot of work getting the site to this point, but we believe this will serve our audience better in the long run. But we need to get the word out…and you could really help us do that by sharing this site on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, a blog or anything else you’ve got. We truly do appreciate your support.

En-Joy! 😉

More Great Christmas Music Just Posted

Well, we were just thinking that we might have wrapped up all the new music posts for this holiday season…but we were delightfully surprised today to receive 5 new songs to share with you!

First up is Richard Souther. In days of old, artists such as Michelangelo would receive a commission to create art for permanent decoration of a building or for an event. If we had our way, Richard would get the commission for Christmas music. 😉 He’s an accomplished composer, arranger, solo pianist and keyboardist with tons of albums and film scores to his credit…not to mention his years touring with A Band Called David backing up The 2nd Chapter of Acts, Barry McGuire and Phil Keaggy back in the Seventies! Richard’s new Christmas disc is called Angels Shepherds Kings, and you’re going to love his instrumental composition called Carol Bells.

Next up is a Southern Gospel quartet called The Crestmen. There’s something very special about pieces where an individual with a certain range steps up to handle the parts that are perfectly within his vocal wheelhouse. From their album For Our Lord and Our Nation, they are sharing Who Could Have Known?

And finally, Stephe is a guitarist from Ohio who is sharing three gentle instrumentals from his album Merry Christmas: Away In A Manger, Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella and Coventry Carol.

You’ll find all these songs available for free preview and download right now at Feels Like Christmas.

If any of these songs particularly appeal to you once you’ve heard them, please consider using the social icons beneath the song to share them with a friend…or a bunch of friends. Thanks!

En-Joy! 😉