Submit Your Music

If you’re an artist or band and you feel that your music just may qualify for that level of “greatness” (and we’re talking about composition, performance, arrangement and recording production values), then we’d be glad to consider it for inclusion on this site.

What we’re looking for:

  • a definable melody (not just a groove)
  • engaging music (catches the ear/makes you want to listen)
  • reasonable musicianship (not sloppy)
  • music, not noise

Beyond that, we are open to many styles of music, and anything from solo instruments to full arrangements (live or digital).

Here’s how the process works:

  • Select a song or two that you want to have considered for inclusion. Make it some of your better stuff. This may be the only opportunity that some people have to hear you. So put your best foot forward.
  • Submit only full cuts (no edits or fade-outs partway thru the song), at least 128kbps stereo MP3 (if you send it higher, we will downsample it before posting if it’s approved).
  • Include your web site URL with your submission, along with the name of the album the song is from, and at least one prominent place where the album is for sale.
  • Only submit material for which you control the publishing rights (or public domain material). This is a free promotional opportunity for your music, and thus… we don’t pay you for the right to use it (nor do we charge to a fee to be included here).

Please understand that we are the sole judges of what material is appropriate for this site, and that we turn most people away. This is not a judgment of your talent as a musician. Our judgment is solely focused on whether or not we feel that the music fits on our site.

To let us know of your interest, please use the form on the Contact page.



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