Use Of This Music

Without getting into a long discussion on the ethics of music file sharing, the songs on this site are presented with the following guidelines in mind:

This music is intended for personal listening only.

This means you may:

  • put it on your MP3 player
  • put it on your computer
  • burn it to a personal CD
  • send the MP3 file to a friend

You may not:

  • sell it
  • post it on other web sites
  • in any way represent yourself as the owner of the music

Seems clear enough, right? 😉

All rights are retained by the artist, label and song publisher. If you have a request for other uses of this music (such as using it as part of the soundtrack of your YouTube video), you must obtain their permission. Where possible, we provide a link to the artist’s site. It’s up to you to contact them regarding permission and terms of use for their music. We’re not involved in that process at all.

Why do the the artists place their music here for free, legal download? It’s simple! They’re hoping you’ll hear it, fall in love with it, and go buy an album…or some single tracks, or catch them in concert when they are in your area. So, while it’s certainly not a requirement, please keep that in mind as you’re enjoying this great music. Thanks!


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